The Golden Bride

"Ms. Gottlieb is a revelation: effervescently daffy like a young Georgia Engel but also sassy and deadpan. The show is not the only discovery here."
– Laura Collins-Hughes, The New York Times

The New World

“Jillian Gottlieb… is a winning, persuasive comic actor, has a great Jersey accent… and can sing to fill a theater.”
 John Timpane, The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Jillian Gottlieb. That may not look like a sentence, but it is. If a sentence only requires a verb, then all I need to say is Jillian Gottlieb. There is too much life in her to be considered something so static as a noun. At the end of the show, when, as Susanna Standish, she sings what I consider to be the show- stopping best song of the evening “Other People,” she is exuding so much energy that Exelon may make her an offer to help power the grid.”
–  John Dwyer, New Hope Free Press

Pardon My English

“Jillian Gottlieb (Frieda) has comic flair. Her wide-eyed Frieda feels genuine from the get-go. Gottlieb manages to make us believe she doesn’ t understand Michael in their first duet by reacting only to his voice and features – not easy. Her trilled vocals fit the character, the sustained facade of innocence plays well against a more sophisticated rival (Gita). Well portrayed.”


“Gottlieb nails Belinda’s silly IQ-challenged side (a butterfly distracts her like a pea-brained puppy), but she’s also got seriously legit pipes.”
– Joe Dziemianowicz, NY Daily News

“Gottlieb’s vain, vapid Belinda handles her soprano swoops with confidence in a role that might have been written for Kristin Chenoweth.”
– Elisabeth Vincentelli, NY Post

“Gottlieb blew me away with her coloratura soprano and perfect comic timing, playing several emotionally invested scenes opposite a talking strand of hair.”
– Zachary Stewart, TheaterMania

“Gottlieb's searing soprano (and, on occasion, her velvety belt) is as much a marvel to behold as the expert comedy chops she displays in her reverence to Beatrice, and the bloated tragedy she embodies once they're separated forever.”
– Matthew Murray, Talkin’ Broadway

“Stealing the show is Jillian Gottlieb as the harebrained Belinda whose crystal-clear soprano brings down the house in every one of her numbers. Gottlieb locates an authentic naïveté in her character that could otherwise have been one-dimensional. Her “Hair Song” – with vocal harmonies provided by her beloved ringlettes – is the funnest and funniest song in the show.”
– Charles C. Bales,